Our observational databases unobtrusively follow MSK patients and athletes throughout their health care experience and document factors affecting treatment choices, outcomes, as well as other factors important to them. We apply cutting edge approaches to analyze these data.

CERorthopaedic Patient Data Repository (OPDR)

Designed to collect longitudinal information on patients with similar MSK conditions from initial complaint to return to work or play. Data includes: clinical characteristics, treatments, and outcomes. In addition, the patient will be actively engaged in the collection process to garner patient reported outcomes and preferences that are not available in existing repositories today.

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Secondary-School Athlete Repository

A prospective database following a population of high school athletes within South Carolina from initial eligibility to high school graduation to perform quality assessment of the care received by student

Large Secondary Medical Claims Databases

Medical claims (e.g. Medicare) offer the opportunity to longitudinally apply CER to evaluate the treatment effectiveness for a number of orthopaedic conditions.

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