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Embedded within a clinical setting in Greenville, South Carolina, CERortho provides a unique and strong foundation for students to conduct comparative effectiveness research focused on generating evidence leading to the delivery of value-based, patient-centered care. By taking a sequence of courses designed by the center’s faculty members, students apply theory and methods to explore questions related to treatment choice, outcomes, and healthcare resource allocation. By combining this sequence of course work with other core courses offered within the HSPM department, student are able to earn a doctoral degree in health services policy and management from USC. With research experience and a PhD, you will be able to pursue a career that is important to the future of health care.

CERortho’s research benefits patients and practitioners in improving decisions related to health care treatments and the delivery of patient-centered care. Researchers with these skills are highly desired and can obtain positions in academia, government, and health care systems.

CERortho graduate students benefit from working within an orthopaedic clinic where they can interact with clinicians, physical therapists, and experience one-on-one mentoring with faculty members. CERortho is committed to providing financial support to graduate students working on its research projects. All students affiliated with CERortho receive some financial support through research assistantships and fellowships.

Click HERE to find more information about a PhD in health services policy and management. Feel free to contact any of the CERortho faculty to discuss common research interests.